Meet Talisa

Talisa is the President and Chief Executive Officer of In The Beginning Consulting, a leadership development company. As an expert in leadership development, Talisa supports leaders in making the shift from weak to WINNING. By helping organizations leverage the talent capital within their organization she helps to create an institution that has maximum impact. Talisa’s warm personality and ability to be engaging and funny helps her to be relatable to all audiences as she works to connect them to next level solutions.

Talisa is extremely passionate about helping women LEAP over obstacles and accelerate to upper levels of management or what is commonly known as the C-Suite. Talisa knows personally what it means to move beyond challenges as she used her God-given talents to carry her from an unemployed teenage mom to a multiple business owner! Talisa shares strategies and tools that assist others in identifying the path that will bring them to the executive table and ultimately increase their influence in the world. By injecting Diversity into the mix, Talisa seeks to help companies achieve a balanced culture where 15% or more growth can be accomplished with this style of leadership at the helm.

Talisa offers keynotes and workshops on such topics as but not limited to Peaking Your Potential, Uber Leadership, and “Rock Star” Negotiating that provide deep-dive insightful information that assists leaders in taking next steps towards success. In each presentation, Talisa helps lead audiences to solution by incorporating humor and activities that examine core issues and gently move them towards the best ways to win. Talisa happily works with event planners on customizing material to fit the need of each of the organizations for which she would partner. 

As a noted Author, Corporate Leadership Speaker, Radio Personality, and Licensed Therapist, Talisa prides herself most at being a mother to a handsome adult son.