"Cohesive cultures are the secret sauce that impacts any organization's bottom line"


A study*surveying over 1,400 CEO's about the impact of corporate culture on overall company's performance, 50% indicated that culture has a significant influence on productivity outcomes. Many of today's leadership are making the shift to address these issues within their organizations. However, learning where to start is challenge. 

*Forbes Article: Corporate Culture Matters A Lot by Susan Adams 

High performance, Innovation, and Resilience are the outcomes of the investment that must be made for your organization's team to get next level results.


Culture is not created, it is developed!


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Helping organizations make the move to next-level performance.

Talisa take the stage to assist teams in capitalizing on strengths that magnify steps towards goals by exposing the tips and techniques that can be immediately implemented.

With the workplace being the place of creativity and innovation, Talisa engages and encourages audience members to align by helping them identify a shared sense of purpose, which ultimately sets the stage for a new workplace environment where potential can soar.

Cultivating Team Culture for High Performance

Through keynotes, virtual workshops, and consulting we work with you on investing in your teams and leaders on achieving the success you desire by:

Developing Teams

Team culture that is is not developed is dysfunctional. We work with you on creating the vision for your team by giving a voice to those involved in order to create the outcome that is desired. 

Improving Communication

Communication is the vehicle that yields success to any culture. Our goal is to help teams to work through conflicts and find the connection that brings the team into alignment for success.

Leadership Development

Creating great cultures start from the top. We work with your leaders through training and resources on helping to connect them with their teams on building value and vision in order to meet and exceed expectations.

Diversity Development

Great talent is attracted to great cultures. Working with you on developing the systems create belonging and break down the barriers that prevent connection.