As women leaders it is often a difficult task to navigate the career path forward. Without knowing how to avoid the not-so-obvious pitfalls or finding a way to create a space for yourself can make it hard for a female leader to find her footing. With recent studies showing that the career aspirations of women reduces by more than 20% after achieving a managerial level position. This is due to the daunting task of identifying a way forward. 

Our goal is to assist women leaders in positioning themselves for promotion which will secure a pipeline of talented women that are recognized by today’s top corporations.  Assisting women on how to WIN is what we do. Our focus is to help women secure next level success by putting the spotlight on marketable talents that provide the leverage needed to take them to the top. Ultimately, we help women bring their talents to the table. 

Are you in need of a speaker that will motivate, energize and transform your women leaders to take it to the next level?  Check out some of our most popular speaker topics below. Please note that topics will be customized and made to fit for your event.



L Leveraging  E – Everything   A – Available for   P – Promotion

This presentation is packed with powerful insightful nuggets that will motivate participants to maximize on their marketable talents and skills that will propel them forward in their career. A high-energy presentation that will have attendees both laughing and leaving with information that they can implemented right away. It can be offered as a keynote speech or a breakout workshop for your event._


  1. Audience will learn how to zero-in on the marketable skills that can take you to the top
  2. Audience will discover the hot strategies that accelerate careers forward
  3. Audience will learn how to bridge-the-gap to the next opportunity

Talisa helps women leaders to capitalize on what it takes to move beyond the barriers into the life and career they desire.



“Rockstar” Negotiating

Talisa’s Rockstar Negotiating is for women leaders who seek to enhance their knowledge and improve their skillset in the area negotiation. This presentation can be offered as a keynote or a breakout session as it will help attendees build confidence and decrease the nervousness in order to capture the WIN at the negotiation table. Participants will walk away with valuable information that will increase their interaction with team members and clients alike.




  1. Audiences will learn secrets that lead to the WIN-WIN
  2. Audiences will identify the action steps needed to increase bargaining power
  3. Audiences will learn tips on how to eliminate fear from the negotiation conversation

Talisa helps women leaders securing their footing in all areas of their career life.




The Confidence Compass

The Confidence Compass is a dynamic presentation that is packed with tips and tools that help build confidence and reduce confidence crushers. With confidence being a key component to operating in brilliance it is imparative for today’s women leader to maximize it in their day-to-day activities. This presentation is ideal as a breakout workshop and it will have participants ready to take on new projects and goals that will move the needle forward in your company.  



      1. Audiences will learn how to stand tall against the Imposter Voice
      2. Audiences will gain tips on how to become immune to confidence drainers
      3. Audience will gain insight on how to use the Confidence Compass to advance in the career path

Talisa focuses on helping women leaders overcome in the confidence conversation in order to become ore impactful.

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