As a transformational speaker, Talisa’s goal and passion is to help women ignite the talents needed to intentionally step up and step into leadership spaces. In addition, Talisa serves organizations by helping them to identify the blueprint that will create a diverse structure that generates leading-edge solutions and yields higher profitability.  

With a contagious personality, Talisa energizes the audience by capturing them using a relatable humor laced with key nuggets that elevate and empower them to take the leaps and strides forward towards goals. Everyone walks away with tools that can be incorporated immediately.

As an experienced speaker and coach, Talisa partners with women in corporate settings to overcome barriers and push to move forward to higher levels of leadership, ultimately the C-Suite. It is with this fire that Talisa ignites a spark in audiences with the desire to seize the moment and shatter any ceiling that threatens elevation.

Are you ready……