Talisa is a transformational leader, speaker, and author whose goal and passion is to serve organizations by helping them to identify the blueprint that creates a culture that generates leading-edge solutions and yields higher profitability.  

Steve Jobs said that great things in business are never done by just one person, but instead are done by a team of people. It is from this perspective that Talisa empowers leaders to cultivate the breeding ground for innovation and impact that sets them in the front of competition. With companies weighed down with the stressors that seek to incorporate disconnection and distractions, leaders are looking diligently to find support to help manage these challenges. This is where Talisa loves to get in and help leaders discover how to create resilience and set the stage for a culture that is healthy and formidable for the future.  

Talisa's “Superpower” is connecting with people with humor and a down-to-earth personality that connects with her audiences. Advancing beyond barriers is a powerful part of Talisa’s story and she helps teams overcome the barriers within their teams to create the special place called community where they can create a sense of belonging.   

Hailing from Atlanta, by way of Philadelphia, Talisa enjoys spending time with her son and extended family. When she is not speaking, you can find Talisa enjoying time with friends or hanging out at her favorite place...the Spa!