Keynote Topics

Talisa’s ability to set the stage for audience members to glean valuable information that will enhance growth is the goal. Each keynote is packed full of valuable tools and nuggets that will assist organziations to capture maximum optimization. Below are some of the most requested topics. Please note that each topic can be customized and made to work for your custom event. 


Scaling-Up to Leadership

Best Audiences: Middle Management Level

Like leaders in technology and other industries, the leaders who can cause change are those who embody success. Learn the keys needed to be an “Uber Leader”

  • Learn the Uber Leadership Formula
  • Explore the importance of “WHY” in business
  • Capture The Traits of Change Leaders


L.E.A.P. – Leveraging Everything Applicable Towards Promotion (For Women)

Best Audiences:  Women Leaders, HR professionals

  • Dismissing the Distractions:  Learning How to Fine-Tune Your Vision
  • Fuel For Forward Movement: Tapping into Confidence Builders 
  • The Grasp of the Goal: Leveraging Talents to Reach Goals


Peaking Your Potential

Best Audiences: Business Executives, Entrepreneurs

  • Identifying Your Ingredients:  Talent Discovery
  • Mindset Mastery: Becoming Mindset Ready for Success
  • Shoring Up Your Foundation: Improving the Support of Leaders