♦ Do you wish you could find the path to executive leadership?

♦ Are you looking for someone to help you to uncover those talents and abilities that can move you forward?

♦ Are you ready to connect with like-minded women on learning the strategies that help you find your voice in executive circles and have fun at the same time?

Now, there is a program that is designed to help propel you beyond the obstacles and challenges in order to set you up to make an impact in the world. 

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Level-Up to Leadership Executive Coaching Program

Level Up to Executive Leadership steps up to the plate to assist women in moving beyond the limitations and securing their position to WIN(Walk Into Next-Level). As a professional & executive program, it is designed to help women leaders secure the needed leverage to make successful steps in leadership. By shifting focus to building value, identifying talents, building strong networks, and developing impact this program will help you on shortening the gap between where you are to where you want to be.

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Discovering Your Power

You know you want to move forward but struggle on how to create the path to do it. Moving from the defensive to the offensive is a matter of stepping into your power and that is the focus of this 3-month intensive. This program sets you up to get unstuck by providing you with transformative knowledge and solutions that will help you bridge where you are to where you want to be. If you are feeling stuck to the floor in your position, then this is the program for you.


You will learn:

  • Disarm the grip of Imposter Syndrome so you can break free from being stuck
  • Elevate your confidence with the Blueprint Formula that will equip you to expand your expectations
  • The Power Mindset that will make you a magnet for opportunities


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Securing the Position

Now you are ready to start putting feet to the floor and securing a higher position. Branding is the name of the game to take advantage of opportunities at the executive level. This 6-month program will ignite your brand so that you will set you to attract the organizations that need and desire your talents. By incorporating our proven Five-Point Model, you will gain the strategies needed to scale-up and advance to the elevated positions within your industry.


You will learn some of the following:

  • Identify your hot talents that companies are seeking right now to help them innovate and become more competitive
  • Discover Purposeful Connections that make you visible to decision-makers and set you in place to secure executive-level opportunities
  • Capture the key secrets of Rockstar Negotiating and learn how
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Building Impact & Influence

Operating at the executive level is about leading high-performing teams that have an impact and drive success. At the same time, it is about expanding your influence as a leader, which helps to create a space for other women leaders to become more visible to the corporate world. This 3-month program will help you to navigate building a path of influence that 

You will learn:

  • The formula for creating team cohesiveness and elevating innovation  
  • Never be bored again: Connecting purpose to drive company success
  • How to use your intuitive talents to be on the front end of change and help organizations to leap the head of the pack

Ready to Level up?

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