Talisa offers workshops

Workshops provide a deep level of learning for participants. Below are the most requested workshops.

Please note that workshops can be custom made to fit your event.


Uber Leadership

Best Audiences: Business Executives

Duration: 1 day training

Like leaders in technology and other industries, the leaders who can cause change are those who embody success.

Learn the keys needed to be an “Uber Leader”

  • Learn the Uber Leadership Formula
  • Explore the importance of “WHY” in business
  • Capture The Traits of Change Leaders


L.E.A.P. – Leveraging Everything Applicable Towards Promotion (For Women)

Best Audiences:  Women Leaders, HR professionals

Duration: 2 day training

  • Dismissing the Distractions:  Learning How to Fine-Tune Your Vision
  • Fuel For Forward Movement: Tapping into Confidence Builders 
  • The Grasp of the Goal: Leveraging Talents to Reach Goals


Be A “Rock Star” in Negotiating

Best Audiences: Business Executives, Business Women

Duration: 1 – 1.5 days training (can be made longer to get deep dive information)

  • Identifying Your Ingredients:  Talent Discovery
  • Mindset Mastery: Becoming Mindset Ready for Success
  • Shoring Up Your Foundation: Improving the Support of Leaders

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