collegiate women in the global market

Today’s college students are challenged with doing more than just learning. They often have to seek to find ways to make an impact and build collective change in our world. By bridging the gap and helping to empower them with tools that will bring clarity and confidence, they will conquer where others have been challenged.

Talisa’s interactive and empowering talks help students tap into their passion and send them on the path to developing it into purpose. Check out some of her most popular talks.

Visualizing Your Value: 5 Secrets to Cultivating the Talents that Companies Crave


Audiences will:

  • Develop strategies that help to identify the talents that will carry them to the top
  • Increase the ability to build their value and diminish fear
  • Dismantle the trappings of Imposter Syndrome in order to create the goals you desire
Portrait of a group of young businesswomen working together in a modern office
Young collegiate women mindset

Finding Your Fuel: The Intel That Propels You Over Obstacles to Live the Life you Want


Audiences will:

  • Learn the tools that help to overcome barriers that prevent movement forward
  • Develop knowledge on how to protect your vision and what it means to your life
  • Explore how confidence impacts your movement forward